The Sensor: Legal Insights into Autonomous Vehicles
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December 2019

The Future of Mobility: The 2020 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Matrix Report & BLG’s Autonomous Vehicles Legal Summit
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The future of transportation is being written today. The many opportunities that connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will bring, and the lasting impact they will have on transportation systems, are topics of great interest, excitement and concern. To facilitate the adoption and deployment of CAVs, sound policy and legal frameworks are necessary.

  • Vehicles (Vehicle to Vehicle communication, “V2V”);

    • Infrastructure (Vehicle to Infrastructure communication, “V2I”);

    • Pedestrians (Vehicle to Pedestrian communication, “V2P”);

    • Networks (Vehicle to Network communication, “V2N”;

    • Devices (Vehicle to Device communication, “V2D”;

Autonomous Vehicles Group

Monthly articles provided in The Sensor: Legal Insights into Autonomous Vehicles explore how autonomous vehicles are impacting industry sectors across the board and are written with the objective of helping to ensure our clients are well-positioned to deal with the related legal and regulatory challenges.

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For this issue of The Sensor, please join Robert Love, National Leader, Automotive and Autonomous Vehicles Group, BLG and Co-Chair, Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Council, Toronto Region Board of Trade, and Jan De Silva, President and CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade, as they discuss the highly-anticipated autonomous vehicles readiness matrix report, Getting Ready for Autonomy: AVs for Safe, Clean and Inclusive Mobility in the Toronto Region, which will be unveiled at BLG’s Toronto office on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.
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